Physical Components of a Fully Fitted Data Center

Best-in-class infrastructure

Big Data:

Structured and unstructured data sets that are too large and too complex for traditional processing methods to deal with. Challenges include the capture, storage, analysis, sharing and protection of such data.

Cloud Computing:

The delivery of software, storage and other computing services via the internet (the cloud) rather than deployment on local hardware.


Private Cloud:

A private cloud that is set up for use by a single organization and that resides on an organization’s intranet or hosted data center where all hardware, management, maintenance, security and updates are the responsibilities of the organization.


Public Cloud:

A public cloud that resides in a service provider’s data center and wherein the provider is responsible for all management and maintenance. Examples are Google Cloud, Apple’s iCloud, and Microsoft’s OneDrive.


A multitenanted arrangement whose prices are based on power commitment. Under such an arrangement, a customer pays a third-party data center provider for use of floor space or rack unit space at a data center for the customer’s IT equipment, an allocation of power for its IT equipment and interconnection services. The customer owns and operates everything that resides within its floor or rack space, and the third-party provider is responsible for redundant power and cooling provisioning.


Wholesale Colocation:

A type of colocation, with larger power commitments from individual customers that typically range upwards of 300 kW and that often involve commitments of entire floors or data halls.


Retail Colocation:

A type of colocation wherein commitments from individual customers can be much smaller than 300 kW.

Fitted Data Center:

An ownership structure that includes the building shell as well as the fit-out within the data center (i.e., electrical, mechanical and building fit-out).


A scale that can be used to describe large data center leases that typically involve initial power commitments of 2 or 3 MW, with further demand growth reaching upwards of 50 MW in a single location. They can be wholesale colocation tenants or single tenants within a data center. Hence, hyperscale cloud providers refer to large technology companies providing cloudcomputing capability as a service and taking up large power commitments, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Alibaba.

Internet of Things (loT):

The global network of smart devices, vehicles, buildings and other objects embedded with intelligent software and sensors that enable the things to communicate and collect data.


A metal framed chassis that holds, secures and organizes a vertical stack of network and server hardware, including routers, switches, access points, storage devices and modems.

Shell and Core Data Center:

An ownership structure that consists of only a building shell and core and that excludes fit-out within the data center. Commonly known as powered shell and core if power supply is provided.

Turnkey Data Center:

A data center that is designed, supplied, built or installed fully complete and ready to operate. The end user has only to move in its IT equipment (i.e., racks and computer servers) to use it.

Secure and flexible space built to your specifications

Your requirements are the most important aspect of our service offering. You choose, we deliver. Whether you select a building shell which you configure yourself, or we construct it according to your specifications, or even if you want to rent a single rack in our shared environment, we can accommodate your needs. We will also ensure the space is highly available through our years of engineering critical data centers while maintaining high levels of security to keep your infrastructure and data safe.

Overview of our main product offerings:

Fully-fitted Colocation Rack
Carrier Rack
Dedicated Cage
Dedicated Suite
Shell and core Area
Supporting products and services Multi Service Interconnection Platform
Cross Connects
Remote Hands

Investment Options and Standard Leasing Profiles

Investment Options Powered Shell and Core Powered Shell and Core + Fit-out Fully Operational
Building shell
Secure power/fiber connection
Fit-out (Mechanical/Electrical)
Capital expenditure
Operational expenditure
Operational/facility management
Standard Leasing Profiles

Standard rents20

Per square foot

Per kilowatt;
Powered shell and core + fit-out

Per kilowatt;
Powered shell and core + fit-out + operational service fees

Typical leases

Operator lease: 15+ years

Hyperscale: 10+ years
Wholesale colocation: 5+ years

Hyperscale: 10+ years
Wholesale colocation: 5+ years
Retail colocation: 3+ years

Typical tenants

Data center Operators

Data center operators, hyperscale
cloud service providers and large

Hyperscale cloud service providers,
small to large enterprises