Colocation Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting

What is Colocation Server Hosting?

Colocation Hosting is a hosting service provided by data centers or hosting companies offering the leaser server rack space, power, and bandwidth packages. Data centers providing this service will allow you to bring or ship your servers and network and storage devices, depending on their service offering and your package.

Following specific security protocols, account contacts can access the infrastructure for routine management. Based on the hosting company offering, hired hands (employees available to help manage colocated devices) are optional.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting is a single-tenant hosting environment with hardware and resources specific to the user. For Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, the provider handles the setup, administration, management, and support of the server, operating system, and server software. The objective is that only your data is in your environment without being affected by issues that arise from sharing resources..

Choosing Between Colocation Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting

You will need to make some considerations when choosing between Colocation Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting.

You should choose Colocation Server Hosting if:

  • You can afford to purchase hardware and want to save in the long term.
  • You have a team available or can hire one for hardware failure and software issues.
  • You are okay with traveling to and from the data center for maintaining your infrastructure.

You should choose Dedicated Server Hosting if:

The support and added features you get for leasing and hosting your infrastructure justify the cost. You can get the server configuration you need at a competitive price.